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Barbara Findlater Foster




Life and Work

Barbara was born in Carluke, Scotland, and came over to Alix with her family in 1907.

Barbara grew up in a family of five children. Her parents were, Barbara and Alex Findlater. Barbara herself got married in 1923, to Arthur Foster, and had a girl Jean, who died at a very young age. So they then adopted, Barbara. (Making a generation of three Barbaras!) Barbara and her family boarded S.S Corinthian in Glasgow, Scotland, to set off for Canada. Their final destination was Alix, Alberta. Barbara's mother had an uncle living there, Rev. William Hamilton, who was the minister of the Presbyterian Church. After a couple moves, Barbara's family settled on a farm in the Stanton School District. Barbara joined the Rebekah's lodge in 1967, and became very involved. Barbara also competed in many Alix fairs. Barbara's career consisted of being the maid for the Alix Hotel for 28 years. Then she went to the be the janitor for the Royal Bank for 27 1/2 years. As well she finished her career off at the Alix Post Office as the janitor. She was always a very supportive and loyal person to the people she was surrounded by. Barbara became sick and moved to two different Hospital Care Centers, first to Rimbey, and then to Lacombe, where her final years of life were lived.