Anna (Pinno) Kruger




Life and Work

Through demonstrating friendship and kindness, Anna Kruger fulfilled a demand by utilizing her ambition. A woman before her time, Anna became an entrepreneur in an era where any opportunity was meager.

After obtaining her Professional Seamstress Certificate in Warsaw, Poland in 1928, Anna Kruger and her husband, Gustav, made the decision to immigrate to Canada with the hope of finding work. In an attempt to help further support her family’s financial situation, Anna searched for small sewing jobs. Soon Anna found a demand for a seamstress in Millet, and through this discovery Anna established a reputation based on custom and quality work.

Annie, the youngest of the family, made the following comment regarding her mother’s talent: “Mom had an eye for style and colour, and it was amazing to watch her cut and sew, the next thing you knew she had a beautiful garment made. She was a very meticulous seamstress… She made everything you could possibly sew from baby clothes to coats, jackets, tailored suits for men and women, wedding and graduation dresses, to everyday clothing, slacks, shirts and trousers for men. Dish towels from the sugar sacks. Then there were the upholstery items she made and a few crafts. She was so talented.”

Anna purchased her first treadle sewing machine in 1932 to support her flourishing career. Anna learnt English as her four daughters did, through her children’s schoolwork and schoolbooks, further proving her ambition. Anna joined the Women’s Institute, and later continued on to join the Millet Social Group. The group aimed to keep their numbers small and focused on simply creating a social evening with a project to work on. Mrs. Kruger’s skills undoubtedly helped aid in the production of two blankets, thirteen quilts, fifty-two pairs of slippers, and much more.

From providing her own family with clothing to hemming trousers for townsfolk to creating gowns for women of the town, Anna was a woman whose business was driven solely by her skill.