Marjorie (West) Moen




Life and Work

Marjorie was born in January, 1902 at Battle River, Alberta and was the only child of John and May West. The small family moved to Millet in 1903 and her parents built a frame building for a store that had living quarters for the family upstairs. Marjorie grew up in Millet and received her education in Millet school, including grade nine. Grades ten and eleven were taken at Victoria High School in Edmonton. She attended Normal School in the spring of 1919 at Camrose. When she was teaching in 1920, a few of her students were Dick, Barney and Hong Yee when they first immigrated to Millet. At this time she also taught English as a Second Language to new immigrants to the Millet area.

Marjorie was married to Clarence Moen on April 5, 1926 in a “home wedding”. The couple had 7 children, Joyce, Lois, Jack, Carol, Lawrence, Sandra, and Dianne. After deciding that farming was not for them, Marjorie and Clarence moved into Millet and worked for her father at his store. They worked there for 14 years before deciding to go into their own business inn 1945, selling “locker plants” which were the newest method of preserving food.The cold storage units were rented out to people. However as things evolved, people began buying their own freezers for cold storage at home.

Devastation hit when Clarence passed away suddenly with a “hemorrhage of the brain” in 1964, just before they were due to retire. Marjorie sold off the remnants of the store, and finally the building to the Legion.

Growing up as an only child, Marjorie appreciated the company of others and she wanted to be involved in her community as much as she could. She was a member of the United Church in Millet andtaught Sunday School here. She and Clarence also enjoyed the company of their friends and would get together for card parties. During retirement Marjorie enjoyed spending time with her family as well as travelling, including a trip to Europe, and a cruise to Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Marjorie always had a place in her heart for Millet, as she explained in Tales and Trails: “Millet is my “Home Town” and I love it.” Marjorie passed away in 1984, at the age of 82, but her contribution to the community will forever be remembered.