Marguerite Josephine (Scott) Moonen




Life and Work

Marguerite Josephine Scott, here after referred to as Jo was born on July 7, 1923 in the Scottsdale Post Office, more commonly known as Pipestone. Jo was born to Charlotte and Harry Scott who lived in the Scottsdale area. She had three brothers, Jerry, Bill and Orville and one sister Marie. Growing up in the Millet area, Jo took in every social activity she could and became a dedicated friend to many. Jo was involved in many sports, her favourite playing ball with her friends and family. She has always been active in every part of Millet and its ever-changing organizations. Jo was a familiar face and a helping hand with it all.

Jo married John Moonen in 1943 just before he was stationed in Hamilton. When Jo became pregnant with Beverly she decided to move back to Millet and lived in the small two-room house until John came back home. When John came back he built an addition to the house, and their family continued to grow. Four more children, Morley, Margo, Jack and Becky, arrived in later years.

Jo and John were well known in the community, and owned the Cash Store for five years before the roads to Wetaskiwin were paved and they decided to sell it. They began to farmland on the west end of Millet for 15 years. Later an investor came along and purchased the land from them for development. This area is now known as Moonen Heights.

Later into her retirement Jo became more involved in the Millet community. She really got involved in the Millet and District Historical Society when research began for the Tales and Trails book. She and Jeane Thompson were teamed up and would go out and interview area farmers. After the book was published and the museum was up and running she took it upon herself to create the “Jo Moonen Military Commemorative Wall” and to collect all the information and pictures of the war veterans you see there today.

Jo has been an active volunteer at the Millet Museum since 1985 and her work has been greatly appreciated. Jo has also been recognized for her Lifetime Commitment from the Millet and District Historical Society as well as from the Millet Chamber of Commerce. Jo is also an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Millet and District Historical Society. Jo now spends her time in Wetaskiwin at the Sunrise Village playing cards, bingo and going to the horse races with her new friends. She’s always ready for company, and still enjoys popping some popcorn and watching a hockey game or two.