Delta Remple

Red Deer


Life and Work

Delta Rempel grew up on a farm outside Consul, Saskatchewan. Some of her most treasured memories are her days on the farm which she considers to be the most important in shaping her life.

In 1967 she and her husband Wayne moved to Red Deer. When Wayne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Delta sought employment to supplement the family income and support the activities of four young children. She started working for the United Way in mid 1976 and continued until June 1997.

Delta’s presence has also been felt at her church, where she served on several councils and committees. The congregation became Delta’s second family and has been a source of support to her for years. “To me it’s important to have a church family … You know that if something happens there will always be people there to help. And with me, I had no family here, so maybe being from a big family, you automatically become a part of an even bigger family.”