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Isobel Lambert




Life and Work

Isobel was born Isobel McIntyre on December 10, 1929 in Vulcan Alberta to Charles and Emily McIntyre. Isobel had 8 siblings (one died in infancy) so she grew up with four (4) brothers and three (3) sisters. They resided in Milo Alberta and she went to the Milo school until Grade 3. Isobel’s father passed away at an early age so in 1938 the family moved back to the Sundre area and settled in McDougal Flats. She attended McDougal Flats School until Grade 9 and then attended Sundre High School to finish her education.

After graduating Isobel worked in Milo with her Mother for the summer and then took a comptometer course in Calgary. She worked in the Burns Meat Packing Plant in Calgary in the Office for a couple of years.

Isobel had always been curious and adventurous and after watching her brothers enlist in the Canadian Military she decided at age 22 to give it a try. Along with a girlfriend they made their way to the recruiting office to enlist. Isobel’s girlfriend decided at the last minute not to pursue this career but Isobel went on ahead and enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

She completed her basic training in St. Jeans Quebec, served in Almer Ontario where she took her Supply Course. She then served at Camp Borden in Ontario and then moved on to Greenwood Nova Scotia where she served for two (2) years working in the Supply Section.

Then it was off to France to serve for two (2) years. This was the most exciting time period of all. While in France Isobel had the opportunity to spend time traveling throughout Europe and paid visits to Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and a few other countries as well. While in Paris, Isobel had the opportunity to be a model for a fashion house and wear an incredible dress to walk down the catwalk. This picture was published in a newspaper and a copy was sent back home and featured in the local Sundre Roundup. After her tour of Europe was finished Isobel came back to Canada and was stationed at Sea Island B.C. and then Whitehorse N.W.T and the Yukon for a few years. Isobel finished her career in the Supply Depot at the Air Force Base in Edmonton Alberta before being discharged. She served a total of eight (8) years in the RCAF. Isobel had an amazing time while enlisted – she was able to see countries and places that not many of us are able to and she met so many people in her travels. It was a most memorable time period in her life.

After being discharged Isobel lived with her Aunt and Uncle in Edmonton and worked in the Burns Plant in the payroll department. She then worked for Northern Alberta Railways for a few years and it was then that she met and fell in love with Hal Lambert. They were married in 1965 and in 1967 had their son Jack. Because Hal traveled so much they moved back to Sundre and Isobel lived with her mom while Hal was gone. She took an accounting course and opened up her own Income Tax Office here in Sundre. This was her business until her retirement. She remained an active member of the Legion and the Royal Purple Ladies until just a few years ago. In her spare time you could always find her on the golf course. She loved to golf!!

Hal had passed away but Jack had married and provided Isobel with two (2) grandsons to entertain.

Today Isobel resides in the Foothills Lodge in Sundre. When asked about the most memorable experience of her time in the Military, she indicated it was all memorable! Being able to travel and meet people in a most exciting time period (post war) was a remarkable experience.