Maggie Wilhelmina (Campbell) Anderson




Life and Work

Maggie and Oscar Anderson homesteaded at Bowden until 1913 when they moved to Sibbald, Alberta. They returned to their original Bowden farm in 1924 to raise their eight children. Most of Maggie’s time was spent on domestic chores. Weekends were for social events in the district. Moving to an acreage in 1946, "Grandma" Anderson lived there until 1969, nine years after Oscar's death. During the 1960s, Maggie belonged to the Ladies' Aid Society. She lived in Bowden until her death in 1992, just short of her 101st birthday.


Memories of Maggie Anderson

I remember Wilhelmina Anderson working in her raspberry patch while I was working the field near her acreage by the Bowden underpass. She would stand and wave at me with her straw hat until I saw her and signal for me to take a break and come for coffee ... She was a fine cook and a great neighbour.

I still smile when I think of her driving her pink car. People would stop and say, "Look at Maggie Wilhelmina Anderson driving 40 miles (65 kilometres) an hour"

- Roy Saunders

I stayed with the Andersons when I went to high school in Sibbald. Mrs. Anderson was an early riser and the wash was on the line before I went to school, before the neighbours were up. Mrs. Anderson often worked at the elevator, keeping up the books for her husband Oscar who ran the elevator...

- Ella Peters

Grandma Anderson was dedicated to the Friendship Centre. She was there from the first meeting and took part in so many things. She was often on the food committee and knew exactly what sweet it took to warm the coldest heart ... and I am sure she knew everyone/s birthday and wedding anniversary. We miss her fine wit and friendship.

- Elsie Nelson