Winnifred (Davis) Henderson



Life and Work

Winnifred (Davis) Henderson grew up in Saskatchewan, attended normal school and was a teacher for nine years. She worked as a diaconal minister for 14 years after attending the United Church Training School in Toronto for two years. Wynn married John Henderson in 1961. She served at Cayley from 1962 to 1965, moving to a farm south of Bowden. In 1975 they moved into Bowden.

Wynn was Bowden's first practising lay minister. We referred to her as the "Deaconess".

She conducted funerals and baptisms. She preached and led youth groups, played the piano and organ when needed, visited the sick and led the choir.

When I first came to Bowden, she knew I was a bit of an eager beaver, so she seemed to get me involved in everything that was going on. She taught me a good lesson, that being, "If you give of yourself, you will be rewarded one hundred fold." Under Wynn's influence I was soon helping Sunday school, Explorers, and the United Church Women.

She loves her church, her family and gardening. With her husband John, she cultivates big bountiful gardens, her own Eden. And in a way, her giving work creates a paradise for people who live here.
—Elsie Nelson