Dorothy Belle (Wagner) Yee




Life and Work

Dorothy Yee was a quiet woman. She was born to Clifford and Laura Wagner on June 25, 1929 on a farm, 3 miles west of Millet. She enjoyed watching Millet grow and change over time. Born and raised 3 miles west of Millet in 1929, she was fortunate to see many changes within the community.

Dorothy’s kind nature allowed her to befriend everyone she came in contact with. She became known for her hospitality to the community. Dorothy and Hong’s restaurant was like a second home to the residents of Millet. The home-like atmosphere within the restaurant was due to Dorothy.

Dorothy and Hong had five children while running the Rainbow Grill. The entire family lived in the back of the restaurant, along with Hong’s father, “Charlie.” They welcomed Zane, Chell, Mayne, Charlotte, and Darold into their exciting life. They offered their children a unique experience growing up in a multicultural family, a restaurant, and a small town.

Dorothy’s contribution to Millet may have been viewed as minimal; however, she had a huge impact on everyone she came in contact with. Her kind demeanor was accepted by everyone within the community. Along with owning and running a restaurant, and raising a family, Dorothy made time for volunteer commitments within Millet. Dorothy volunteered for bingos for numerous clubs in Millet. She was a member of the Rebekah Lodge, Friends of the Library, Arts & Craft Guild, and she was a Charter President of the Lioness Club. Her acts of generosity were contagious and everyone appreciated everything she did for the community.

Dorothy and her family faced great tragedy in 1996. Not only did the original building of the Rainbow Grill, then known as the Skylark Café that was being operated by her husband’s cousin Kai burned down. But, Dorothy also faced tragedy within her family. She lost her middle son, Mayne Yee on November 9, 1996, and her husband, Hong, on November 27, 1996, and her mother Laura Alice Wagner in December of 1996. All due to unrelated circumstances, it was just their time. Dorothy lived out the rest of her retirement in Millet enjoying time with family and friends. We lost Dorothy on December 13, 2007.