Elva Larson



Life and Work

With her parents living in British Columbia, Judy Swaren needed a "mom" to help her plan her wedding.

By the time the wedding day came, Elva Larson had stepped in to take care of the long lists of details. She provided a place to stay for Judy and Judy's parents. The flowers in the church were from Elva's garden. She made and decorated the wedding cake. In the years to come, Elva would help care for the Swaren children, becoming their surrogate grandmother.

Elva obtained her teacher's certificate in Camrose and moved with her husband, Lars, from their farm into Donalda in 1968. She played the piano for church services and has helped make mission quilts as a 50-year member of the Lutheran Church Women. When extra space is needed at the Community Hall, Elva opens her kitchen to help out. She volunteers with the Donalda Museum and Library.

Elva says "I don't help because I have to, I do it because I really enjoy helping."


Letter of Appreciation by Judy Swaren

I've known Elva Larson for most of my life and for most of that time she has been a very big part of my family's life. In helping to organize my wedding in my mom's absence, she has played the part of surrogate mother to me and an adopted grandmother to my children.

She has always been there for me whenever I needed a shoulder to lean on or someone to share a laugh with.
-Judy Swaren