Cynthia Langley




Life and Work

Cynthia played a very important part in forming and developing the rural community of Caroline in the early part of the 20th century.

She moved with her eight-year old daughter Rebecca Caroline to Alberta in 1907 due to her husband visiting the area the previous year and staying to file a homestead. Before her rigorous journey to the new land, Cynthia gathered their household goods and travelled with these by railway to Innisfail, Alberta, 40 miles (64.4 kilometres) west of the homestead.

She travelled the rest of the way by wagon and encouraged other families to emigrate with her at the same time. Cynthia herded all the horses and cattle of all of the families across the North Raven River as it was flooding.

In Caroline, Cynthia looked after the store and post office, located in their home, along with home activities. She was a good neighbour as she spent many long hours nursing the lady on the next homestead who died of tuberculosis while living in a tent. Another great achievement was the first Sunday school and church services being held in the Langley home.

Cynthia passed away in 1973 at the age of 94 years.