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Mathilda (Schneider) Rose




Life and Work

Matilda Rose was born in Russia on October 16, 1908 to Pauline and Christoff Schneider.The family emigrated to the United States, then to Canada in 1910 and farmed in the Craigmile district in Alberta. Matilda married Alfred Rose on April 3, 1927. They had three sons, James, Robert and Norman. They farmed in the Craigmile area and then moved to the Ricimus area in 1933. Matilda worked alongside her husband to develop a good mixed farm including a prize herd of sheep. Fleeces were shown at the Edmonton Exhibition and at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair; they won many prizes and several Grand Champion ribbons. In 1956 they were selected for the Master Farm Family Award for west central Alberta.

Matilda was very involved in the community and belonged to many organizations including the Pine Cone Women's Institute of the Ricimus and Wooler District. She was involved in establishing a cairn (a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark) in memory of the pioneers which is located 2 miles (3.22 kilometres) west of the Clearwater Trading Store. She was also part of the group involved in getting the David Thompson Highway extended from Nordegg to the Saskatchewan River Crossing.

She was also active in the 4-H garden club and just before passing she helped compile information for the Caroline history book, In the Shade of the Mountains. Matilda passed away in January 1973 and was laid to rest in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

In 1979, the Caroline history book was published and dedicated in the honour of a great lady Matilda Rose.