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Karen Marie (Christensen) Enghauge




Life and Work

Marie was a typical pioneer woman who was hardworking, unselfish and devoted immensely to her family and community. Her faith in God sustained her throughout the years.

At the age of 15, Marie emigrated from Denmark to Chicago, Illinois under the care of her older sister Caroline. In 1901, she married Hans Christian Enghauge who owned and operated a bookstore. Together, the couple had six children and in 1910 the family moved to Dickson, Alberta. Life was hard but never a complaint was heard. Two times the family endured complete loss of their home to fire. The family regularly attended church and Sunday school as it was not to be missed.

Marie was active in Ladies' Aid and always contributed to the annual bazaar. She did crochet work making "corset covers," doilies, lace for tablecloths, pillowcases and even dresses. She aided her sister Caroline's midwifery work by providing food and moral support. For several years Marie's home was a "home away from home" for young men who lived there while attending the Dickson high school.

Marie was resourceful and nothing was wasted, as she had to raise a large family. With her ingenuity she would make dishtowels, cloths, tablecloths, pillowcases, curtains and summer clothes for her daughters by using cotton sacks which were used to hold sugar, flour and oatmeal. She did not have a formal education, yet she learned to read and write in English and Danish.


Memories of Karen Enghauge by Judith Miller

Karen had a great appreciation for music and life and made sure that her children could have these appreciations by providing them with music lessons and the opportunity to further their education despite the lack of money and great hardship.

- Judith Enghauge Miller


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