Irene Morck



Life and Work

A well-established Albertan author in her own right, Irene Morck has written several books drawing from the adventures of her father, Archie Morck. Archie grew up in a Danish pioneer community at Dickson, Alberta.

Irene received a Bachelor of Science degree with honours from the University of Alberta and a teaching certificate from the University of Calgary. She taught science at all-boys schools in Barbados and Jamaica and did two years of biochemistry research at the University of the West Indies.

Irene has won prestigious literary awards for her stories on her father's pioneer childhood and has written numerous magazine articles and stories in Canada and the USA. She has also contributed short stories on CBC Alberta and ACCESS radio programs. Irene is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta and the Canadian Authors Association.

Irene and her husband Mogens Nielsen live on a farm near Dickson, Alberta where they raise hay and grain. Irene was also involved in substitute teaching and freelance photography. She has sold many photos for various magazines and calendars. Irene enjoys trail riding her mules in the mountains, travelling, learning Spanish, snorkeling, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

She has a new book coming out in the fall titled Old Bird, a picture storybook about an old horse her father owned when he was a child.


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