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Vivian (Eller) Jennings




Life and Work

Vivian grew up in Duchess and came to Alix in 1927 with her husband Ed. They bought a garage business from Chin and Fisher. It burned down in December of that year. They rebuilt and had a garage business across from the C.P. Railroad station. They sold Ford cars and John Deere equipment. Soon after they arrived in Alix, Vivian began helping out with the Alix C.G.I.T. Elsie Toepfer was her helper. This was the first of many clubs she joined and volunteered her help to.

Building the Arena was a big thing in the Jennings family, and Vivian volunteered many hours at the lunch counter and helping with the Bingos for the project. After years of fund raising, Vivian, Ed and many more finally paid off the Arena.

Vivian then joined the horticultural club which was right down her alley as she loved to grow things. Vivian had plants all over, in the house, the hot house, the garden and the basement. I remember a time when I was helping her transplant some flowers. She was putting this spindly little thing into the garden and I said, "Shouldn't you throw that away?" She said, "Every little plant should have a chance to grow." Her pride and joy were her glads. She planted hundreds of them and won many ribbons for them at the flower shows that the horticultural club held. The best year she had was 1948 when she won the Bank Trophy, (a silver tray) for the highest aggregate the second year it was offered.