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Margaret Rose (Robertson) Gilchrist




Life and Work

Born Margaret Rose Robertson in Didsbury, she took her schooling in a one-roomed country school at Westcott. She attended teacher's college in Calgary, becoming secretary of the Student Council and valedictorian. She completed her education degree in Edmonton and taught for several years prior to raising a family of five. Unexpected company never bothered Margaret; at one point she was baking up to 70 loaves of bread a week. Other times, she would substitute teach or play the organ and piano when needed. Her friends says she was always a good listener and counsellor.

Margaret married David Gilchrist and helped put him through college to become a church minister. Some of their years together were spent in Saskatoon, Uranium City in northern Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories, Innisfail and one year in New Zealand.

In Innisfail, when the Advance Residence Committee (a home for handicapped people) was unable to find a chairperson, Margaret stepped into the breach, and from 1980 to 1988, she worked continually toward the goal of having the residence established. Margaret passed away August 17, 1989.