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Dr. Margaret "Peggy" Godkin




Life and Work

Born May 23, 1931, to a medical doctor who worked at a tuberculosis sanatorium, Peggy trained at Guelph to become a veterinarian. There she met Gordon, subsequently married, and at the instigation of Knute Magnussen, they began a veterinarian partnership in Innisfail in 1955, which lasted to 1975. They adopted 4 children, and Peggy worked tirelessly for them and groups which benefitted children.

Peggy served as Captain of the local Guides and Brownies for many years, and was Commissioner for the Alberta Association. She was an Anglican church faithful, staff member at the Innisfail Booster for several years; a volunteer editorial worker for local history book "Candlelight Years," Curator at the Innisfail Historical Village, during which time she worked hard to help have the Dr. George/Kemp House designated as an historic site, and voted a "Citizen of the Year" for 1980 by the Innisfail Chamber of Commerce.

Peggy was a friend of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and lobbied for good leadership. She was an extremely intelligent woman, who despite chronic ill health, worked long and hard for the improvement of our community and the world around her.