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Nan (Shearer) Hodge




Life and Work

Nan Shearer was born in 1884 and came to Canada from a Scottish University in 1913. She felt she might be "down-grading" if she went to a Canadian University. Nan taught at Pleasant Valley school 1914-1915, and the Buffalo Creek school during the 1915-16 term, where her pay was $55 per month.

Nan married Hugh Hodge of Innisfail, raised a son and daughter, and also a niece from the time she was two. Teaching became a part of her life again until her retirement in 1956. At one time, when the Brick school had only eight rooms, Nan had one of the very small areas which should have been the Principal's office.

Students taught by Mrs. Hodge recall that they learned more in her grade - often Grade 7 - than in all the rest of their junior schooling. She was a very strict, thorough and fair taskmistress.