Drayton Valley Museum

Welcome to the Drayton Valley Museum. When you step onto our grounds, you will embark on a journey through time where stories and buildings from our past come to life and where we pay tribute to the pioneering spirit and rich heritage of the area.

As you explore our exhibits, you will encounter fascinating glimpses into the past thru our historic landmarks: the 1936 Anglican Church, the Rocky Rapids General Store, the Herndon House, a 1956 Skid Shack and our Eldorado School Building.  Additional sites for visitors include the oilfield display at the west end of the grounds, an early saw mill and an area dedicated to antique farm machinery. We also cannot forget our iconic, perfectly spherical 16,583kg boulder located at the north-west corner of our site which was donated to the Museum by Anderson Sand and Gravel in 1998.

The Drayton Valley Museum isn’t just about buildings – it is also about the people and the stories that make our community unique. From the early pioneers, trappers and loggers who settled here to make a living and to the industrious spirit of our logging, farming and oil and gas heritage, we celebrate the diverse tapestry of experiences that have shaped Drayton Valley and Brazeau County into the vibrant area it is today.

With our friendly atmosphere and commitment to preserving the past for future generations, the Drayton Valley Museum offers an unforgettable journey through time, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

Featured Exhibits

  1. The All-Saints Anglican Church

  1. The Herndon House

  1. The Rocky Rapids General Store


Hours and Admission:

Open for the summer season from May to end of August, 2024


First day for visits and tours being June 21st - Friday/Saturday/Sunday and holiday Mondays from 10-4pm weekly. 


From September to April call office to book a visit or an appointment

Admission by donation

Location & Contact Information

Address: 6013 – 44th Ave, Drayton Valley
Phone Number: (780) 542-5482