History and Development

The Government of Canada’s promotion of western settlement to break the land brought individuals and groups to the area. The character of communities in the region has been shaped by them.

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Heritage Trails #113 - Sod Houses

The sod house epitomizes the myth of pioneer struggle.  The fact is, however, it was used much less often than shacks or log cabins as temporary shelter for people trying to establish themselves in a new land.

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Heritage Trails #201 - Calgary and Edmonton Trail: Before 1883

The highway linking Alberta’s two major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, started out as a footpath between north and south.  And as historian Merrily Aubrey explains, we know remnants of the original as the Calgary and Edmonton trail.

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Heritage Trails #291 - The Legend of Ghostpine

Ghostpine was rooted in an aboriginal legend but the English transition has caused confusion.  Learn how a war between the Cree and Blackfoot gave the name to Ghostpine and how the Legend of the murdered Cree howl at night.

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